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BON Work Experience Program to Recommence August 2020

BON Work Experience Program to Recommence August 2020

Every year in conjunction with local schools, TAFE’s and colleges we participate in a work experience placement program.  Work experience is a great way for young people to gain insight into an electrical trade. Work experience also provides us with the opportunity to identify talented individuals who may be good candidates for apprenticeship opportunities.  Five people from our current trade team all started their career in the electrical industry through our work experience program. Our work experience program is due to recommence in August 2020.  Places fill up fast so please ensure you have secured your placement with us if you are hoping to participate in this year’s work experience program at Bon.

In 2019 alone we had a total of 42 young people come through our business for work experience.  Taj Radford from La Salle College in Viveash was one of them.  Taj was scheduled to return to us this year however was unable due to Covid 19 restrictions. Taj was kind enough to share with us his perspective about his work experience placement at Bon.

  • What got you interested in the electrical trade?

The main reason that got me involved in the electrical industry was the fact that you will always need electricity, it will always be around and will be the main source of the next generation of living. The other reason I am interested is that with a company like Bon you are always out and about and never normally in the same place each day.

  • What have you enjoyed about work experience?

My favourite parts of work experience is the fact that you cover a variety of places from domestic, industrial and commercial. Their employees are always welcoming and try to teach as much as you can when out and about on a job

  • What have you not enjoyed about work experience?  Or has there been any part of your work experience that has surprised you?  (It’s okay to be honest)

the main part of work experience that has surprised me is the level of respect that all the employees have to each other and passion they have towards making every job spot on and making sure the customer is happy. Personally, I don’t think I have had a bad day at work experience other than the days where I was working in full sun, they were quite hot days and I found the sun really took it out of me quicker than I expected.

  • Do you think your work experience has given you better insight into a career as an electrician?

Attending work experience at Bon gave me a better overview of the industry as they cover everything, it has allowed me to increase my knowledge of the work industry and help me choose if it’s the right path for me. The workers are always open to questions and are always able to help you with anything you get confused about


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