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Electrical & Water Infrastructure Supply To Poultry Farm

Our client is the leading poultry shed specialist, responsible for the execution of many poultry farm projects across Australia.

The Challenge

After selecting a virgin block of land in Mogumber to establish the largest poultry operation in Western Australia, our client needed power and water to site as quickly as possible to allow it to commence building and meet an imminent bird placement deadline.


The Solution

BON was there from the very beginning! After undertaking a thorough consultation with the client and finalising the design, BON commenced Stage 1 works consisting of electrical and water infrastructure supply to three farms, multiple pump stations, 18 controlled environment poultry sheds with a total floor space of 42,454 square meters, backup power, staff amenities, and three farm manager residences.


The Outcome

Thanks to the collaborative and efficient approach, BON was able to deliver all requirements within the designated time frame, which meant that the farm owners were able to meet the bird placement date, ensuring no production delays.


Electrical & Water Solutions For Poultry Farms

Consultancy design and installation of water and electrical solutions.

BON’s team of technicians has the experience and knowledge to help you set up a new site with power and water supply. After a thorough consultation to understand your needs, we can assist with the full installation of a custom infrastructure tailored to your specific requirements. Want to learn more? Contact us today!


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