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Our Team

Our Team

We are proud to introduce the members of our team, dedicated to providing clients with the best possible service and customised solutions.

Our Team

Technical Director

Ben Bonomi

Ben started his electrical apprenticeship with Electrical Group Training in 2002, working on construction sites in Perth. He moved to BON in the third year of his apprenticeship and has been working for the company for 15 years. These days he looks after all the quoting and design aspects.

Ben grew up on a family dairy farm in Bullsbrook, later moving to a cattle farm in Muchea which is where he lives today. He enjoys spending time walking around the property and checking on his cows. He also thrives off the challenge of growing quality beef!

Ben is a passionate Holden enthusiast and West Coast Eagles supporter. He also likes to hook up the camper trailer and find new places to explore.
Overall, nothing makes him prouder than seeing a project he’s designed be delivered by the BON team.


Benn Dewar

Benn decided to become an electrician after completing work experience through school. The knowledge and skills he gained from this experience stuck with him, all the while being something he enjoyed. 

He grew up on a cattle farm in Gingin, spending a lot of time outside helping his Dad.

When he is not at work, he is usually fixing something around the house. He likes to spend time with his wife, as family is important to them both. 

His favourite meal is a pork or beef roast.

Administration Assistant

Casey Hughes

Casey is the resident tree hugging, animal loving, crystal collecting, vegetarian hippie here at BON. She started with BON as an Administrative Assistant back in 2015 and has been confusing everyone with her “fake meat” lunches since. 

Leading Technician SA

Chris Gibbinson

Chris has always loved the outdoors since growing up in New Zealand on a dairy farm. He moved to Adelaide four years ago after meeting a nice Australian girl! He has been in the electrical industry for 15 years and has had a lot to do with both the dairy and poultry industry. He’s also spent a lot of time working overseas in places like China.

On the weekend he enjoys fishing, hunting and having a good laugh with his family and friends. His favourite meal is butter chicken or anything with chocolate.

(His son Levi has inherited his sweet tooth 😊)

Automation Manager

Clive Barratt

Clive has over 30 years of experience in the instrumentation and automation sector.  Clive joined BON in 2020 after five successful years operating his own automation business.  Clive is passionate about system design and believes it is an aspect of the industry that can only be mastered by those who see it as a true vocation.

On weekends you will find Clive enjoying time with his family and counting down the hours till it is appropriate for him to enjoy a refreshing beer.


Pump Technician

Conway Dean

Conway started working at BON in 2012 after Frank asked him to join the team as a Pump Technician (being the best decision he ever made!). 

Prior to working for BON he spent time working as a fabricator for another local company. He also worked as a salesman for a confectionary company before migrating to Australia from the UK. 

On the weekend you will find him volunteering at the Bindoon Fire Brigade which he’s been a member of for 10 years. 

His favourite food is whatever his wife gives him!

Administration Trainee

Courtney Symonds

Courtney joined the BON team in 2020 while completing an Administration Assistant traineeship. Before that, she was flipping burgers as a manager at a family run McDonald’s.

She grew up in the Perth metro area and moved to Yanchep a month before beginning her traineeship with family.

Courtney spends her weekends with her partner back in her old area. They enjoy watching scary movies and eating out at new restaurants they’ve haven’t yet tried!


David Archer

David started his electrical apprenticeship working in the pottery industry in and around Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom. Since then David has gone on to establish his career as an electrician with a high aptitude for complex fault finding across commercial and industrial sectors.

David immigrated to Perth in 2013 with his wife and two sons. Over the past several years David and his family have had the opportunity to explore WA, something they love to do as a family and with plenty of places to still tick off their list. Family is really important to David and he relishes the opportunity to spend time with them. Outside of work when he is not coaching his two older sons football teams he is taking his youngest son, his Australian baby, to the motor cross track so he can ride his PW50.

When David does get a moment to himself he enjoys cooking a meal and enjoying a few cheeky beers.



Apprentice Electrician

Dylan Blaskovic

Dylan has always been interested in the industry and enjoyed the idea of working in a trade related environment. 

He grew up in Hammersley and spends a lot of his time outdoors. Although Dylan was born in Australia, his family is Croatian and finds himself having explain the cultural impacts of his background. However, with BON’s Italian heritage, he’s thankful the Bonomi family understand (better than most!). 

On the weekends you’ll find him with his mates riding dirt bikes, watching the NBA or UFC or making sure he spends time with his family.  

His favourite food is anything with pasta!

Founder, Retired 2019

Frank Bonomi

Frank founded BON with his wife Gemma in 1989. Becoming an electrician was a true vocation, Frank recalls as a small child he was fascinated by the concept of electricity.  Growing up on a dairy farm, Frank would watch how the milking system motors in awe.

Frank retired from his role as Managing Director in 2019.  Although it’s been hard to let go of what he and Gemma created over the past 30 years, he’s proud of what’s been achieved and is happy the kids are wanting to take the business into the future.  

These days he tends to help wherever is needed (like being the delivery boy!). Frank likes the variety of tasks and finds it humbling as opposed to the pressure that comes with running the business. 

He doesn’t have many hobbies having spent most of his life making the business successful – aside from recently discovering morning walks. When he is not needed at work, he likes to head over to the family farm and check on “his girls” – also known as a herd of Angus Heifers.  He enjoys spending time with his grandkids, usually feeding them chicken nuggets or some form of junk food that he knows their mother wouldn’t be happy about – the joys of being a grandparent!

(The other joy of being a grandparent is handing them back when it’s time to watch the Eagles playing or the Holdens racing 😊).

Apprentice Electrician

Gabe Westlake

Gemma Bonomi

Gemma has been part of the BON team for 31 years, having founded the business with her husband Frank in 1989. Today she is the longest serving employee! 

On weekends she likes to go out for dinner with friends, drinking G&T’s, playing with her grand babies and getting an afternoon siesta in. 

Her favourite food is Satay Chicken and streamed rice from Lai’s noodle box in Midland. 

Apprentice Electrician

Jack Court

Jack completed work experience with BON in high school while completing a pre-apprenticeship. After two stints, he was convinced he wanted to become an electrician.

He was born in the United States but has lived most of his life on a rural block in Carabooda with plenty of room to ride his motorbikes. On the weekend you’ll find him with his friends on the water, 4X4 driving, or motorbike riding through a trail – he’s attracted to anything with an engine!

His favourite food is anything with pasta – he thinks it tastes great no matter what you put with it!

Apprentice Electrician

Jayden Comito

Jayden joined BON in 2020 as an Apprentice Electrician.

Jayden is passionate about hotted up Holdens, motorcross and becoming an Industrial Electrician.


Managing Director

Kaela Bonomi

Kaela spent the first part of her working career with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and in 2011 she decided to return to the family business. Kaela is passionate about demonstrating good leadership and investing in the BON team. She believes the BON team are the most important people in the organisation and as they are integral to the success of our clients.

On the weekends you will find Kaela playing with her young sons Charlie & Banjo, getting a workout in, going for a bike ride or getting out for a hike with a girlfriend.
Her favourite meal is steak and veggies, accompanied by a good wine!


Apprentice Electrician

Kai Hughes

Kai joined BON as a first-year electrical apprentice in August 2020. Kai is enthusiastic about his apprenticeship, and whilst he loves all aspects of his learning, he especially enjoys the work he does when out visiting the poultry and pig farms.

Kai is a keen motor cross rider and dedicates a lot of his spare time to this hobby.

Instrumentation Electrician

Kaleb Stidworthy

Apprentice Electrician

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael spent the first part of his apprenticeship working for industrial laundry supplier, Jensen in NSW. After relocating to WA with his partner in 2020, Michael joined BON to complete his adult apprenticeship.


Richard James

Operations Manager

Rob Hales

Rob has worked in the irrigation and pump industry for 13 years. Prior to that he completed a commerce degree at Curtin University and worked in hospitality.

In 2015 he needed a change and decided to apply for a sales role with BON – he was attracted to the idea of working for a family business. Today he works as the Operations Manager, ensuring the team are organised and know what their tasks are for the day. He oversees both the pumps and electrical tradespeople, ensuring they have everything they need for the work to get done.

Rob grew up in the hills near Mundaring on a semi-rural property. He loves the rural lifestyle and purchased a property with his wife in Bindoon back in 2012. On weekends they like to go hiking and catch up with their friends while watching the football… GO EAGLES!

Pump Technician and Electrician

Rory Crosby

Rory became an electrician after an apprenticeship opportunity fell into his lap while working as a labourer. He started with BON working on general jobs and has since become a pump specialist after wanting to learn something new and different. Today he is a fully qualified electrician and pump technician. 

He grew up in the city outskirts but today lives with his young family in Bullsbrook. 

On the weekends you will find him playing sport and spending time with family.

His favourite meal is a ‘parma’ and pint at one of his local watering holes.

Sales & Service Officer

Tony Read

Tony has come from a farming background and has spent most of his life living in the Bindoon area.

Prior to joining BON, he spent six years working for a pump and portable equipment supplier and has gained a lot of experience working in service and maintenance positions. 

Although he’s a new local to Ellenbrook, you’ll still find him back at his Bindoon farm on the weekend.

Electrical Technician

Tyron Neumann

Tyron decided to become an electrician after completing a pre apprenticeship at TAFE. As part of that he undertook work experience at BON. He thoroughly enjoys the challenge of being an electrician and helping people along the way.  

Tyron grew up in the city and didn’t know much about rural living until he was a teenager – which is funny now that he spends most of his time on farms!

On weekends he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, playing a round of golf or chilling out playing video games. 

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