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Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

The two top causes of electrical distribution failure are loose connections and parts, and exposure to moisture. Both problems can be easily corrected with a comprehensive electrical maintenance program.

What does a good electrical maintenance program look like?

  • Responsible and qualified tradespeople performing the inspections.
  • Programmed routine inspections and suitable tests.
  • Informed decision making from an accurate analysis of inspection and test reports so that proper corrective measures can be prescribed.
  • Performing rectifications that have been identified promptly.
  • A clear and concise record keeping system that documents the tests performed and any associated outcomes.

What sort of things do you monitor with an electrical maintenance program?

  • Temperature monitoring (Thermal Imaging/Scanning) to identify hot spots and hidden potential problems.
  • Servicing of emergency backup systems.
  • Annual RCD and smoke alarm testing.
  • Emergency and exit light testing.
  • Servicing of motors and control equipment.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Servicing of fixed plant and production equipment.
  • Review of lighting and power supply equipment.
  • Scheduled testing and tagging of all electrical equipment and appliances.
  • Generator servicing and associated switching controls.

Don’t wait until your operation reaches the point of failure, emergency repairs are often costly due to the urgency of the situation where temporary repair is required before permanent work can be done.

Electrical Maintenance Case Studies

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