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Pumps for every system

What types of pumps do you sell?

At BON we can help you with:

  • Household pressure pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Water transfer pumps
  • Submersible borehole
  • Above ground jet pumps
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Fire pumps

What Pumps Brands do you sell?

We sell a range of well known and reputable brands:

  • Dab
  • Davey
  • Pentair/Onga
  • Bianco
  • Orange
  • Lowara

Our range is selectively chosen to provide our customers with a range of quality options and price points. We can assist you with everything from a budget entry level option right through to a top of the range option with bluetooth interconnectivity.

We understand that everyone’s budget and product preferences are different, so please don’t hesitate to be upfront about these things. There is no point us recommending options that are beyond what you can spend, or a lacking the features you’re looking for.

Why have you chosen to sell these brands?

We have been selling and repairing pumps for over 30 years. In that time we have encountered lots of different pumps. We take the following points into consideration when deciding what to sell in our retails store:

  • Quality of componentry and assembly. How well is the product made and what is it made of?
  • How well does the manufacturer support the product? How long is the warranty and how accessible is it? (A warranty is only good for the client if it is accessible and reasonable).
  • Value for money – does our client get good value for money or are they paying extra money for a renown brand name?
  • How many do we see and how frequently for repair? For example, Davey pumps are renown for being of outstanding quality. They demand a premium price but we repair very few of them each year and the ones we do are quite old.

We also have ZIP pay in store if you would like to utilise interest free options.

I don’t know what type of pump I need, can you make a recommendation?

Absolutely! We don’t expect you to know what you need. It is our job to help you with that. We will require some information from you to be able to figure this out. Such as:

General- What are you trying to do? I.e. water for your house, water to fill stock troughs, irrigate your garden.
- Where will you be getting the water from?
Will it come from a tank, a dam, a bore perhaps?
Household- Where are you pumping water from? i.e. a tank?
- How many people will live in the house?
- How many bathrooms and toilets do you have?
- Do you have an evaporative cooler?
- Will you use this pump for irrigation also?
- Is your house single or double story?
- What is the estimated distance from the water source to the house?
- What is the height difference between the water source and the house? I.e. is it pumping uphill, downhill or is it level the whole way?
Bore- What is the existing setup of this bore? I.e. is it a submersible setup or is it a shallow well jet set up?
- How deep is the hole?
- Do you know the flow rate?
- Could we have a copy of the drillers certificate?
- Is there any power available at the whole or are you needing a solar option?
Irrigation- How much area are you trying to irrigate?
- Will you break your irrigation up into stations or will you run everything at once?
- Where are you pump from? I.e. tank, dam…
- Is there power available, is it single phase or three phase?
Fire Pump- Where will you take water from?
- Are you wishing to use this pump to transfer water to a portable unit to address spot fires?
- Do you intend to use this pump for any purposes other than fire protection?
Swimming Pool- How big is your swimming pool?
- Where is the pump located in relation to the pool?
- Will the pump sit above, below or level with the pool?
Water Transfer- How far are you moving the water?
- How quickly do you need to move the water?
- What is the height difference between water source A and water source B? I.e. is it pumping uphill, downhill or is it level?

Whether you call in and see us, reach out via email or phone through to our Pump Specialists; we can help you figure out what you need.  Don’t be shy if you’re not sure, we see it as our job to be the experts.

We deal with customers from all walks of life. Some are old hands and some are brand new, some clients like to know the granular details and others don’t mind as long as it does the job.  Whatever your needs may be, BON are here to help.

How long should my pump last?

Just like any mechanical or electrical item, the better care you take of your pump, the longer it is likely to last. Pumps are an electrical appliance, they will cope better if they are kept away from harsh weather and clear of debris.

Cobwebs and ants can be a big issue for pump longevity and the cause of many problems. Some simple care taking can drastically influence the life span of your pump.

If your expectation is a long lasting pump it may pay to invest in a higher end reputable product. Keeping in mind there can be issues that affect pumps which have no relation to the quality of the pump itself.

As an example, power surges can be detrimental to the electronic aspects of pumps causing owners great pain and frustration.

Pump Repair Service

At BON we service what we sell, this means you are never left wondering what to do if something breaks or you need some help. We offer repair services onsite for your convenience or in our workshop if you are happy to disconnect your pump and bring it to us. If we can’t fix your pump on the spot, we will loan you one of ours, so you are never left without access to water. In addition to assisting our existing clients, we are qualified to service a wide range of pump models, so never hesitate to call on us if you need help.

Amongst our team of qualified pump technicians, we also have electricians, so if your pump is hard wired or connected to a three-phase power supply our team are licensed and trained to address the electrical aspects competently.

The types of pumps we repair and service include:

  • Household pressure pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Water transfer pumps
  • Submersible borehole
  • Above ground jet pumps
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Fire pumps

We are warranty agents for Pentair, Dab, Davey and Lowara. If you have a warranty claim, we will assist you with lodging your request and invoice the manufacturer directly on your behalf. Check out our FAQ page for some helpful troubleshooting tips and answers to some of the common questions around our pump repair service.


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