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Pump Trouble Shooting

Low or no pressure

If your pump is experiencing low or no pressure, here are some simple things you can check yourself first.

  • Is the pump running? When you turn the tap on does the pump kick in? If the pump is not turning on, have you got power at the source (i.e. the PowerPoint)? A simple way to check is by plugging a hand held device i.e. phone charger into the PowerPoint) and seeing if it works. Once you have confirmed this, it’s time to call us.
  • When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your filters? Clogged up filters will stop water from being able to move through your household water system.

My pump is doing nothing, it’s like it is D.E.A.D!

Is your pump is quieter than silent monks meditating? First things first, check for power by:

  • Unplugging the pump and plugging it back in (make sure the switch is turned on).
  • Is the problem the pump or the power source? Check the PowerPoint is working by plugging in a phone charger or hairdryer and see if these items work at the power source.
  • If your pump is hard wired, check at the switchboard to see if the breaker or safety switch is in the ‘on’ position.
  • Confused? No problems, just give us a call.

Other Pump Questions

I know what I need to fix my pump I just need the parts, can you help me?

Of course we can! Feel free to email or call us with the make and model of your pump, and advise us on the parts you require. We can either have them delivered to BON for you to collect, or we can post them directly to your door.

Will you repair my septic pump?

For the safety of our staff, we do not remove or repair septic pumps. We can disconnect your existing septic pump ready for you to retrieve and assist you with the supply and install of a new pump, but we don’t repair pumps that have been exposed to human excrement.

Workshop or on site - which is better?

By bringing your pump to our workshop you are able to avoid paying a service call for us to attend site. A service call is charged on site visits to assist with the costs associated with travelling to the site, i.e. the vehicle, fuel, maintenance and the down time of our team member.

Depending on the fault, sometimes it may be more worthwhile having us attend site – this is something we will discuss with you when you call us. However, if you are confident you can disconnect the pump yourself, by all means please bring it to our workshop during our opening hours.

What happens to my broken pump if I decide not to repair it?

You are welcome to collect your broken pump from us at any time. We can dispose of it for you if you don’t want it back.

Please note, after 28 days from diagnosis, we will dispose of your pump if you have not collected it. Unfortunately we cannot hold onto a broken pump indefinitely.

Associated Costs

What do you charge to assess a pump in your workshop?

We understand people like to know what they’re up for before they commit.

For our in workshop repair service we charge $60.50 inc GST (Subject to Change) to undertake a test and diagnosis. This means we will tell you what is wrong with the pump and what is required to repair it. We will always tell you how much the repair will cost before proceeding with the work.

If you would like to know our onsite service charges please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can talk through these with you.

Are parts expensive?

It depends.

The best way to combat this is for us to quote before we go ahead and repair. Sometimes simple problems can be fixed for less than $100, othertimes parts are costly. It is our job to give you your options to help you make the best decision.

Pump Assessment

How do you assess if my pump is worth repairing?

That’s a great question! Not all pumps are created equal. Some pumps are made to throw away, they are not intended to be repairable and therefore parts are not available. We can usually spot these straight away and will advise you accordingly.

For pumps that are repairable we will assess a few things:

  • The cost of the repair versus a like for like replacement – there is no point pooring money into an old worn out pump if you can buy a brand new one with a warranty for $100 more.
  • What fault has the pump experienced – a pump that has been ran dry and boiled as a result, may be susceptible to further problems in the future. Because of this, we try to assess the likelihood of the pump continuing to function well after repair.
  • The age and and condition of the pump and how much life we anticipate the pump to have left.


What warranty do I get on the repair of my pump?

In addition to our manufactuers warranty, we warrant our pump repair work with a 30 day guarantee. If your pump experiences the same fault within 30 days of our repair, we will warrant the repair at no cost to you.

*Please note this does not include press controls, capacitors or motors which have experienced fusion.

Onsite Services

What type of tradespeople do you have?

Our business employs electricians and pump technicians to perform our installation work. Depending on the type of work you require will depend on who we pick for the job.

Can I have the tradesperson of my choosing?

Absolutely! We love it when our customers make a request for a particular tradesman. It is the ultimate compliment to our team of people when someone trusts their workmanship. The only time this can’t be done is when you need an electrician for licenced work, but we will always explain when this is the case.

Back Up Power

The power has gone out and I have a small camp generator – can I hook it up to my pump/other household appliance?

We strongly recommend you ensure your generator includes AVR/inverter technology before connecting to any electronic device in your home. Generators without this technology can damage and break electronic componentry within appliances, such as electronic press controls on pumps and printed circuit boards in fridges.

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