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Agribusiness Services

Servicing the needs of growers is our specialty.  We have been working to serve the needs of primary food producers since 1989.

We provide a holistic service ensuring water, electrical, automation, and mechanical systems are integrated and function seamlessly together.

We make it our business to know your business and as part of our commitment to helping you achieve your goals, we make it our priority to be across all the latest growing, monitoring, production, packaging, storage, and logistic technologies. We understand the importance of on-farm biosecurity and we are equipped to manage our client’s requirements.

We service growers from varying production sectors including horticulture, protected cropping, poultry, pork, livestock, beneficial bugs, and medicinal marijuana industries. We take care of growers irrespective of their farm size or production output.

Our clients vary from some of Australias largest hi-tech operators through to smaller traditional and boutique producers. They are spread across Western Australia and South Australia and we service both states in their entirety.

We regularly attend industry events and are members of multiple agricultural industry associations. Our partners include Powerplants Australia, PRIVA, ULMA, SKOV, A&D Weighing, Result Group, and Eurostrap Packaging Systems.

We have been awarded for project excellence by our own industry body, NECA, on multiple occasions for agriculture facilities that we played a central role in creating.

Explore Our Agribusiness Services

Poultry, Pork & Livestock

We have a broad range of experience in the poultry, pork and livestock sectors with a team of highly trained technicians.

Protected Cropping, Beneficial Bugs & Medicinal Cannabis

We provide comprehensive tailored solutions for clients growing in protected cropping environments.


We understand the complexities and challenges of field and orchard growing in large areas across multiple locations.

Indoor Growing and Vertical Farming

Automation & Labour Saving

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