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Backup & Off-Grid Power Solutions

Access to reliable and cost-effective power is a critical requirement of commercial operations.  Unfortunately, grid reliability is not guaranteed especially in remote and rural parts of Western Australia and South Australia.

Backup Power Systems

Can you afford the risk of power failure to your production operation? We specialise in standby power systems to protect your investment and your production. We can do everything from sizing and sourcing an appropriate generator through to installation and ongoing servicing of the equipment.

In consultation with our client, we undertake a site survey to assess the existing electrical infrastructure, perform a load and energy assessment and discuss the practicality of equipment placement.  We can advise on the varying levels of automation that can be achieved such as ATS options (automatic transfer systems), alarm monitoring and notifications.

We can provide one complete turnkey solution which ensures our client of the end to end process.

We can also assist with existing infrastructure and equipment performance optimisation.  Like all mechanical equipment, a regular service goes a long way.  We can suggest possible upgrade options that can regenerate your existing backup power system to include newer technology which may not have been available when it was first installed.

Off-Grid Solutions

The capabilities of stand-alone off-grid power systems are continually expanding.  There is a multitude of off-grid systems available such as solar, wind, batteries, diesel, gas, hydro and biomethane options.  Off-grid systems are increasingly becoming more specialised, particularly in the commercial space where higher KW output is required.

We work with a small number of carefully selected partners who assist us to provide our clients with off-grid solutions that extend beyond backup generator systems.

Back-Up Power System Services

  • Site Inspection Survey – assess existing electrical infrastructure and site layout to determine equipment options and suitability.
  • Turnkey solutions – design, source, install and maintain.
  • Switchboard design and/or upgrade.
  • Automatic Transfer Switching including bump transfer.
  • Rural off-grid stand-alone power systems.
  • Agricultural facilities.
  • 24 Hour production environments.
  • 24 HR Emergency Breakdown.

Our Locations

With a wide range of turnkey and custom solutions, West Australians can count on BON for their traditional and off-the-grid standby backup systems.

BON is trusted by businesses in need of standby traditional and off-the-grid backup systems in Adelaide and South Australia.

Case Studies

Learn more about the backup power system solutions BON has implemented for other businesses in Western Australia and South Australia.

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