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Fire Protection

Fire Protection

One of the most critical items on a rural property is a fire pump. Rural dwellers are more vulnerable to natural hazards such as bushfires, purely because of the climate and environment. Preparation is critical when encountering a fire and we encourage our clients to ensure they have an adequate bushfire survival plan in place.

We can help you with the necessary equipment you require to prepare for a bushfire. We stock a range of Honda driven fire pumps all year round, along with flexible hose kits and quick connect (camlock) fittings enabling easy connection to a water tank or portable storage unit.

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We can help you design a roof irrigation system for wet down purposes and assist supply portable units such as skid mount and trailer units.

One of the best things about buying from BON is we service what we sell, and your warranty is held locally. If at any time you need to access your warranty or repair your unit, this can be handled locally in store. We offer easy payment options like Zip Pay, which allows our customers to buy when they need rather than when they may have the available funds.

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