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Don’t burn your money this fire season

Don’t burn your money this fire season

Sizing your fire pump can be quite daunting, often people say bigger is better. This is not the case and you could be throwing money away needlessly. Unless you need to pump long distances or up a large hill, a simple single impeller 5.5 horse power fire pump will do the job.

It’s important to remember a fire pump can move large amounts of water very quickly. A single impeller pump can deliver up to 450 litres of water per minute, a 1000 litre tank may only last a few minutes with constant running. Know your equipment capabilities, this is vital for your own safety and maintaining the lifespan of your equipment.

We can help with selecting the right size pump for your requirements.

When fighting a fire you need to have easy access to a large source of water. You will go through water more quickly than you think. A good fire pump set up will be dual purpose and allow you to transfer water easily. We recommend the use of Camlock fittings. Camlock’s will help you fill up your IBC from a dam or larger tank with minimal fuss.

We stock a large range of Camlock fittings and can help you set up your fittings to make things simple.

A fire pump is a big investment but consider the larger investment – your home and property which it protects. Once you have purchased your fire pump it’s a good idea to keep it in good working order. If you need to use your pump in a hurry you’ll want to be sure it will start first time. If it’s been sitting in the shed for a year the chances are it won’t work when you want it to.

We recommend starting your fire pump and running for a few minutes every four to six weeks. This ensures all the mechanical parts remain lubricated and in good working order. Listen out for irregular noises which could indicate broken internal parts that could affect pump performance. A bit of TLC goes a long way to protect your pump.

This is something you can do yourself and we can help with one of our DIY home servicing kits.

We stock a range of fire pumps and fire protection equipment as well as a number of brands and options. Call us on 9571 1314, email or come in and see us at the pump shop, Lot 4 Bullsbrook Road, Bullsbrook.

Written By: Rob
Your Friendly Pump Specialist

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