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Getting your pool in shape for summer!

Getting your pool in shape for summer!

It’s easy to lose sight of your pool over the cooler months, as it starts to get warmer it is important to ensure your pool’s chemical levels are safe for swimming.

Here are a few simple steps to help get your pool in summer shape!

1. Conduct a water sample test:
We recommend conducting a water test by bringing a sample of your pool water into the store, where we can provide the right advice on the chemicals required to get your pool healthy for the summer months ahead. Depending on the state of your pool, the chemicals may need to be gradually introduced requiring a consecutive water test.

2. Increase pool equipment runtime:
It’s normal for people to reduce the runtime of their pool equipment over winter to save money on power bills. But as the months get warmer the sun is known for burning away chlorine and maintaining the correct chlorine level in your pool is critical. Without increasing the runtime of your equipment, your sanitising equipment won’t have enough time to produce or inject enough sanitiser into the pool water and ensure an even distribution of chemicals required to keep itself healthy – and we don’t want that! If you notice some issues with your pool equipment, now is the time to let us know. We often get calls if the pump is noisy (seized bearings), or if it’s leaking water. If it’s an electrical related issue, we can get an electrician and pump guy to come out and look.

3. Clean pump and filter baskets:
We also encourage everyone to check on their pump and filter baskets – ensuring they’re clean and not broken (and certainly not releasing debris into the pool!). Anyone who has a sand filter should conduct a backwash and rinse. Those with a cartridge filter should take this out and give it a good clean. If you notice your cartridge filter pleats or the strapping look frayed or damaged, it’s probably time for a replacement (and if it hasn’t been replaced in the last 2-years, you should definitely consider it!).

Our last piece of advice is to ensure you don’t let people swim in your pool if you haven’t made sure there’s a high enough chlorinated level to kill off the bacteria. The last thing we want is for yourself, friends and family members getting sick just as we start to begin our Australian summer.

We hope this helps! 😊

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