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Back Up Power

Back Up Power

One of the more frustrating aspects of rural living can be the power losses we experience during peak demand and stormy weather. We can assist with the supply of an appropriately sized portable or permanent generator which can be used to provide power to your property during power outages.

Our systems can be simple manual systems, or we can set up an automatic change over system where the generator will kick in automatically when it senses power failure. Most of our generators, irrespective of size, are started with a key start system. We place a significant focus on ease for the end-user.

How do I decide what size generator I need for backup power?

This answer is dependent on two things:

  • What do you deem to be essential power?
  • What is your budget?
Essential Services OnlyEssentials Plus a Few ComfortsUninterrupted Power Supply
I want to keep the fridge / freezer running and be able to have the household pressure pump working so I can access water.I want to keep the fridge / freezer running and be able to have the household pressure pump working so I can access water.

AND I want to be able to run the lights and a split system air conditioner.
I want the power to continue to run as if there was no power outage.

What sort of generators do you sell?

We stock a range of GENYSY options in our showroom, however we can access a comprehensive range of well known and reputed brands. Depending on your needs we will determine suitable product options for your consideration.

Can you make it so the generator powers my property from the switchboard?

Yes! This is called a generator changeover and can be performed as a manual or automatic process.  A manual change over requires the homeowner to connect the generator to the switchboard with an extension lead whilst switching the power supply over to the generator.

An automatic changeover is where a generator remains in permanent position ready to go. When the power fails, a sensor recognises main power failure has occurred and turns the generator on restoring power to the home.  It is important to understand not all generators can operate with an automatic change over. If you are interested in an automatic changeover it is worthwhile speaking to us about what your generator requirements will be.

What does this cost?

An automatic system is more costly than a manual system as there is more equipment involved for the generator to automatically start. Automatic systems are priced on the application due to the customised requirements. A manual changeover system can be achieved for as little as $770 inc GST for a single-phase system, and $990 inc GST for a three-phase system. We only use premium quality materials on our installation which are designed to stand the test of time and meet the ASNZ standards.

The amount of time taken to perform this work remains the same, so if someone offers you a ‘cheap’ quote it is important to carefully consider if the quote represents good value. The last thing you need is for the switchgear to fail when the power is out.

We also offer ZIP Pay as a convenient way to pay for your in-home generator system.

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