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Rain Water Harvesting

Rural Rainwater Tanks & Storage

Well planned water storage is essential for rural living. Many rural properties do not have access to mains water and therefore capturing and storing rainwater is an essential function of a rural lifestyle.

Rainwater Capture

We stock a range of stormwater fittings and pipe in our retail store and can assist you with determining the best way to capture water from your available roof systems. If you don’t have a way to transport the 6-meter lengths of stormwater pipe, we can always deliver them for you.

Rainwater Tanks

We can supply you with a range of premium Poly Rain Waters Tanks through our partners Coerco. When considering a rainwater tank for your property you will find a multitude of options. We prefer poly tanks as they are UV stabilised, non-corrosive and a better level of water quality can be achieved. Coerco tanks are a one-piece construction, can be ordered in range of COLORBOND colours, are UV stabilised and designed to withstand our harsh climate. Above all our range of Poly water tanks are reliable and built to last which is why they come with a 20-year warranty.

We can assist you to determine the right size tank for your needs and help you ensure all outlets and overflows are best placed for your home setup – as well as help you coordinate the site preparation and tank delivery. Best of all we offer convenient pay options such as ZIP Pay should you wish to take advantage.

Measuring & Automatic Fill Systems

One of the worst experiences as a rural dweller is realising your tank is empty. We can assist you with a range of options to show tank level externally as well as provide auto fill options from a nearby bore or water source. Our options can be as simple as the old round ball float, right through to electronic systems which provide information back to an application on your phone. Depending on what option you go with you can DIY and install yourself or utilise our qualified technicians.

Tank Maintenance

Tank maintenance is important, especially if the tank is your main source of drinking water. Poor tank maintenance can result in pathogens and bacteria becoming more prevalent in your water. As a general rule, you should have your tank professionally cleaned once every 24-months. You can utilise products to sanitise your tank, and rainwater home filtration systems also go a long way in removing any nasty’s that may linger.

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