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Bore Systems

Bore Pumps

We stock a range of single and three-phase bore pumps in-store including above-ground jet pumps, 240V submersible and solar options.  We can determine the right size pump for your bore and carry out the installation for you.  We have been selling and installing bore pumps for over 30 years.  We use proven brands such as Lowara, Dab, Davey and Onga.

Bore Services

In addition to the supply of submersible bore and above ground jet pumps we provide additional services to our rural dwellers with bores on their property. We can help you with an existing faulty bore which may not be functioning correctly as well as bore blow outs and treatment systems. We are experienced with bore problems in our local area and if we can’t help, we can usually provide a recommendation for someone local who knows their stuff. Give us a call and we can ascertain the necessary information and arrange for one of our service technicians to attend your site. Our technicians are licensed to address both potential electrical and water issues.

Bore Blow Out

We sometimes see situations where an existing bore hole becomes sluggish over time, or situations where the water being produced by the bore is poor quality. On occasion we may recommend undertaking a bore blow out. This can improve the volume of water you can pump from the bore, as well as good maintenance of the bore hole itself which can become silted over time.

Utilising compressed air, our unit forces a large volume of air into your bore hole forcing silt and sludge to be pushed up and out of the hole. A bore blow can be performed without the use of chemicals if the client prefers however, best results are achieved utilising a product such as bore saver.

Iron Bacteria Systems

An iron bacteria treatment system is a permanent system which is installed at the top of the bore and treats the bore as the pump runs. Systems of this nature vary as they are dependent on the bore yield and clients desired results. A treatment system is the best option for more troublesome iron problems and will provide a greater result over time than other methods. 

An iron filtration system requires ongoing maintenance which can be performed by the home owner or by one of our friendly pump technicians. Speak to us today about your bore and how we can help you get the most out of it!

Screen Cleaning Treatments

Screen Cleaning treatments are used to unclog the screen at the bottom of the bore casing. Over time iron and other minerals can build up and clog the screen, meaning water can no longer flow through to the pump properly. The chemical is tipped down the bore hole and left for a period of time to break down the scale build up; the treated water is then pumped to waste using the existing bore pump. Using solutions when screen cleaning can sometimes be done when the pump is still in the bore hole. The screen clean will also work with killing iron bacteria but will need to be repeated later on, or at regular intervals, depending on water quality to maintain results.

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