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Avocados & Mangoes Packing Line Update

Tucked away in Chittering, sits Yaldon Orchards – a family-owned and operated orchard not only producing succulent avocados, but also wonderfully sweet mangoes.


The Task

For over 27 years, BON has been looking after our friends at Yaldon and over the years we have been installing and maintaining all their electrical and water needs.

To facilitate the growth of the orchard’s production capacity, we were tasked with updating their packing line.


The Solution

Our solution was to revamp their existing on-farm packing facility allowing Yaldon to clean, weigh, sort and prepare their fruit for both supermarkets and export to all over the world with greater speed and efficiency.


The Outcome

This project was a great example of how a few tweaks can modernise an existing concept and achieve improvements that help companies through growing pain stages in their business.

As a result, the production of Yaldon Orchards fruit supply is being performed more efficiently than ever.


Packing Line Update For Avocados & Mangos Farm

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