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Pool Water Testing

Pool Water Testing

Did you know we carry out free pool water testing in store?

Using the latest technology our water spin testing technology provides accurate results of your pools water balance. Our team of people are trained to provide you with all the information you need to keep your pool water crystal blue over the summer months and dormant over the winter period.

What You’ll Need

To provide you with appropriate recommendations for your pool chemical dosage we will need to know the volume of your pool in litres. If you are unsure, we can calculate this for you if you know the length, width and average depth.

We also need a sample of your pool water taken from half a meter below the surface.

Pool Products


With a bit of regular maintenance, we can help you achieve a glimmering crystal-clear pool with the right balance of pool chemicals. We don’t believe in over complicating pool maintenance nor do we try to sell you products you don’t need. We are trained and qualified in pool water testing and we do not rely on a computer to tell us what chemicals and dosages you need.
We can also help with any pesky continuing problems which you may be experiencing with your pool.

Pool Pumps, Filters and Chlorinators

Your pool system is the most important thing when keeping your pool water clear and healthy. The pumps key role is to circulate water through the filter and chemical treatment system. We can help you with an appropriately sized pump, filter and chlorinator or chemical feeding system for your pool. We stock leading brands such as Davey, Pantera and Onga, and we are also the service agents for these companies – we can always help you!

Automatic Cleaners

We can assist you with both robotic and suction cleaners to assist you with the ongoing cleaning of your pool. Speak to one of our customer service people today about what products and options are best suited for your applications.

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