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Floating Pump System For Crop Irrigation

Our client had increased their planting numbers and required additional water to provide irrigation to their crop. Amuri Creek Fruit was referred to us by an existing horticultural producer client.

Utilising our consultative approach, we undertook a preliminary investigation of the client’s site to ascertain the potential water source and delivery pathways. Based on our experience and knowledge of the client’s needs, we determined a floating pump system would be the most suitable solution. The challenge we faced addressing this requirement was that the available power supply was “rural” phase. This required an upgrade of the incoming power supply to the pump services shed.


The Solution

Our design included the use of three variable speed multistage pumps secured to a floating pontoon. The client had different sized growing blocks which required different flow rates, so technology was deployed to maintain the appropriate flow and pressure for each water block.

The setup was integrated with a PRIVA Nutrijet and Connext controller which controlled the distribution of water and fertilizer to the crop.

In addition to the water system installation, the client also required permanent redundancy power backup. This was resolved by supplying a sufficiently sized generator system and installing appropriate transfer equipment to enable easy transfer between mains and off-grid power.


The Outcome

This project presented several challenges, however, our ability to implement a customised, full-scope solution meant the client could achieve additional water supply and ongoing irrigation to their expanded crop. Norm and the rest of the team at Amuri Creek were an absolute pleasure to work with and understood the challenges we faced, doing everything possible to facilitate our requirements to deliver the outcome.


Water System For Crop Irrigation

Whether you need to harvest water from a source for potable purposes or irrigate your field or orchard for commercial fruit and vegetable production, we can assist you with the design, supply, and installation of the appropriate water system infrastructure.


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