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Glasshouses Fit-Out With Environmental Control Technology



Established by the Dimitrovich family in Carabooda, WA, the families aim is to grow tomatoes all year round.


In 2012, Mitri Hydroponics decided to make the switch to a controlled indoor growing system. By growing inside glass, Mitris would be able to produce the best results for the business and extend their production season. By controlling conditions such as air temperature, humidity, and lighting, these growers benefited from higher grade harvests and protection from the elements for their product.


In partnership with Powerplants Australia, BON assisted with the fit-out of 2 large-scale glasshouses with environmental control technology.

This project required the setup of site power and electrical fit-out of new infrastructure. This included all general electrical lighting and power circuits along with specific requirements for the pump, boiler and packing sheds and office fit-out.

The installation was supported by a permanent onsite backup power system with manual transfer switching ensuring the houses would never be without power.


Since completion, Mitri Hydroponics have expanded their production and are now one of the largest suppliers of tomatoes for Western Australia. We are very proud of BON’s fit out of the entire site, in association with our partners, Powerplants Australia.



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