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Automated Water Harvesting Solution

Our client is the leading potable water supplier throughout Western Australia. They harvest and transport premium spring water for potable purposes to numerous food and beverage suppliers.


The Challenge

Through professional farm and environmental management, our client was experiencing continued growth. In order to meet demand, our client required additional water stations at their location.

This would require additional pump stations to harvest the water, all associated pipe infrastructure transferring the water to a holding tank via a UV sterilisation and filtration system first.


The Solution

Through our adept understanding of water harvesting, we were able to calculate the total capacity requirements over a harvest cycle.

From these calculations, appropriate product selections were made to meet the determined specifications.

A cycle system was developed focusing on the utilisation of off-peak power and staged harvest cycles to ensure efficient pumping and minimise wear and tear on infrastructure and equipment.

The process utilises automated technology and that allows the client to have visibility via an application on their phone off-site.

This includes alarm notifications to alert the client if something has gone wrong.


The Outcome

With upgraded infrastructure, our client can continue to grow their business.

We continue to service this client to the current day with their ongoing preventative and reactive maintenance needs.


Automated Water Harvesting Solutions

BON has been providing water solutions to a variety of businesses that rely on stable access to water for their business operations. We are experts in providing quality custom and turnkey solutions for our clients, as well as ongoing water system maintenance.

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