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Minimising The Risk of Power Failure for Your Agribusiness

Minimising The Risk of Power Failure for Your Agribusiness

The agriculture sector in Australia behind the production of wheat, milk, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and meat, has historically been an important and successful one – both for domestic production and the value of exports. In fact, the export value from the agricultural industry was estimated at AUD48 billion in 2020 alone.

Being in the agribusiness sector can be risky. The weather is unpredictable and can affect primary food production significantly, with little ability to take defensive action. Other risks like power failure can, however, be mitigated and prevented.

Like any other operation, primary food production businesses rely heavily on energy and electrical systems for their commercial outputs. However, reliable – and cost-effective – access to power is not always guaranteed, especially in remote and rural parts of Western Australia and South Australia.

Standby Backup Systems

Commercial backup power systems are a great solution to help businesses minimise the risk of power failure to their production operation, in case of a power outbreak or short-term problems with the grid. A standby backup solution means that your operation can continue even without temporary access to the grid.

BON work with agribusinesses in Western and South Australia to implement backup solutions to help protect investment and production with standby power systems. Our custom solutions are the result of a thorough energy assessment and an in-depth site survey of the existing electrical infrastructure. We provide end-to-end turnkey solutions and everything in-between.

Independence From The Grid

Stand-alone off-the-grid power systems for business operations are continually evolving and expanding. Solar, wind, batteries, diesel, gas, hydro, and biomethane options are becoming more specialised to supply the high KW output required by commercial operations.

While not all businesses might be able to rely exclusively on off-the-grid power systems, they are a valuable backup system that operations can rely on in case of interruption of power from the grid.

Learn more about the electrical infrastructure from an off-the-grid power supply that BON achieved for MEEDAC here.

Electrical Maintenance Programs

Emergency repairs can be costly. They often require a technician to come after hours, and most importantly they can cause interruptions to your production and business operation, or loss in investment.

The two top causes of electrical distribution failure are loose connections and parts, and exposure to moisture. The good news is that these problems can be easily identified and corrected with a comprehensive electrical maintenance program.

If you sign up for an electrical maintenance plan with BON, you can expect your site to be routinely inspected by qualified technicians, who will analyse and test your electrical infrastructure and provide a report with the issues they solved and those that have been identified so that proper measures can be taken.

Are you looking for an electrical partner to help you minimise the risk of power failure for your operation?

BON has been providing electrical solutions to small, medium and large agribusiness operations for over 30 years. We have a reputation for being the people to call if you need a solution for a complex issue or scenario.

Is this you? Contact BON today.

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