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Packing Line Consultancy & Implementation

Located in the Wanneroo and Gingin area, West Australian Corn Growers is the largest grower of sweet corn and beans in Western Australia. They have been an integral part of the West Australian horticultural industry since 1939.


The Task

WA Corn Growers located a machine in mainland China they thought would be suitable for their bean packing line.

As a result, they requested their long-term electrical partner, BON, to travel with them overseas to ensure the machine would meet their requirements.


The Solution

Upon returning from China where the machine was approved as fit for purpose by WA Corn Growers, BON was instrumental in assisting WA Corn Growers to coordinate the installation on site.

The machine was manufactured for an Australian electrical supply, however, adjustment to the existing bean packing line was required to be able to create a seamless production cycle.

This required BON to integrate the machine into the existing line.

Electrical, data, and airlines were required to bring the machine into operation.

The associated check weighing, and metal detection units had to be integrated to seamlessly function in the production line.


The Outcome

The machine was commissioned and operational within 2 weeks of arriving on the packing floor and continues to aid WA Corn Growers to supply fresh green beans to all the major leading supermarkets to the current day.


Onsite Installation Of Packing Line Machinery

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