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BON Join Result Group as WA/SA Sales and Service Partner

BON Join Result Group as WA/SA Sales and Service Partner

It’s official, BON has formalised a sales and service partnership with leading product and packaging specialist Result Group!  Result Group supply innovative packaging and labelling equipment and materials aiding production environments to achieve better efficiency in their manufacturing and distribution processes.  BON and Result will work together across Western Australian and South Australia to provide their clients with the best solutions and ongoing service support.  Result Group has been providing solutions to Australian businesses for over 10 years.  Result Group Director, Michael Dossor, has over 30 years experience in the product and packing sector and is recognised as an expert in his field.

Result recently secured the Australian distribution rights to European company, Eco Mark.  Eco Mark utilises laser technology to naturally brand fruit and vegetables bypassing the requirement for sticker labelling and printing.  The Eco Mark technology allows customisable machine settings enabling product labelling settings to be tailored.  Through in house experimentation, the appropriate tailored settings can be determined to allow labelling to occur without reducing shelf life or compromising quality.  This can be achieved in consideration of the type of product itself along with more specific consideration to plant variety features, strengths and weaknesses.  The customisable aspects of the machine give control of the labelling and product to the grower allowing them the power to determine what is best for their product.   By naturally branding products, primary producers are able to contribute towards more environmentally sustainable packaging methods.

In addition to the Eco Mark product, Result can assist with a range of traditional labelling equipment including product identification, value-added packaging and process automation.   If you are in Western Australia or South Australian and seeking a packaging solution for your business, or you would like to know more about the capability of laser labelling feel free to reach out.


A garlic sample of Eco Mark laser labelling machine.


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