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Celebrating 15 years of Tyron Neumann

Celebrating 15 years of Tyron Neumann

It’s not often a business gets to celebrate employee milestones – particularly those of 15 years.

If you’ve been working with BON for some time you would have met our Senior Electrician / Refrigeration Mechanic, Tyron Neumann, and today we get to celebrate this milestone!

Tyron was BON’s first-ever work experience participant and the business has since gone on to provide this experience to over 100 students from local schools, colleges and TAFE. Upon completion of his work experience, Tyron was offered an apprenticeship as an electrician. Two years later he undertook a second apprenticeship to qualify as a Refrigeration Mechanic.

But he hasn’t stopped there.

We’ve continued to admire Tyron’s work ethic and his love for the electrical solutions industry and the challenges it brings, recently supporting him to undertake his Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation through the College of Electrical Training.

We spoke with Steve Hall, General Manager at the College of Electrical, who said the certification is an advanced level of vocational education and training designed to provide technical, problem solving and decision-making skills. The post-trade course is nationally accredited, providing licensed electricians and final year apprentices with the training, skills and knowledge; for operation, calibration and fault finding of basic industrial instrumental electrical equipment.

Tyron says the certificate has enabled him to understand instrumentation and control concepts on a deeper level. For example, when he’s working infield, he has a deeper understanding of what’s happening when programming a controller or variable speed drive (VSD).

As someone who grew up in the city knowing little about agriculture, protected cropping or intensive farming (to now spending most of his time on farms!), we consider Tyron a valuable member of the BON team and can’t wait to see how his career continues to evolve!

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